Dusty Buttons began with an adoration of 1940s and 1950s fashion, a dusty old jar of buttons and a love story.
Let's start with the love story first-
My husband moved his hip and handsome twenty something self to NYC's East Village in the early 1980s. In the late 2000s he went to New England looking for love and found me!
After wooing me for a few years and thinking on my desire to open a little vintage shop, he asked me to move back to NYC with him and open a store. So back and forth to the city we went searching for the perfect spot. And we found it on 9th street! It was close to our apartment, a stone's throw from the park, and near the most beautiful antique store (The Upper Rust). The way the antiques spilled onto the sidewalk reminded me of my NH and ME, I knew this was our block! Over the next few months I packed up all my vintage I had been lovingly collecting for years. And as the time grew closer to move to a city I had only once ever lived in for a few months in the early 1990s, my honey took me out one rainy night to get me away from my list making and worrying. He brought me to a tree house in my favorite place Strawberry Banke, knelt down and asked for my hand in marriage. I'd never felt happier!
And now the dusty jar of buttons-
I was visiting my mother one day, and took down from a shelf my grandmother's old dusty jar of buttons. My mother and I laughed about how I would play with those buttons for hours as a little girl. Later that evening I got to thinking of the jar, Dusty Buttons, what a perfect name for a vintage clothing store! The name Dusty is fabulous and the word Buttons is friendly and sweet!
And so Dusty Buttons opened In October 2009. A few weeks after opening I started ordering some of my favorite European shoe lines for the store. Then in the spirit of vintage clothing being almost always US made we started a small section in the store for US made new clothing. And later adding fair trade certified clothing as well!
So there is our little story! Come visit us if you are ever in the East Village!